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Welcome to TCAF Idol! You’re going to Toronto!


Just as American Idol is getting a scary looking reboot, a real talent contest took place yesterday, an event on the tension and triumph/tragedy spectrum somewhere between San Diego’s Hoteloween and getting into the state finals.

Exhibitor applications for TCAF (Toronto Comics Arts Festival) went out yesterday, and just like in American Idol, there were three rooms: the one where you got to go on, the one where you didn’t and the one that was a waitlist. And the twitter reactions were just as jubilant or deflated.

TCAF is one of the world’s best comics shows, and space is at a premium, so many more crators apply than are accepted – plus because of the size limitations, many individual cartoonists are rotated in and out each year. Just because you were chosen last year is no guarantee of getting in again, in fact it may weigh against you.

Exactly what formula the TCAF staff uses to pick exhibitors is unknown but before we meet the contestants, here’s a reminder: You can still apply for VANCAF, the west coast sibling show.

And now some of the jubilant winners, some familiar but many first timers. I had barely heard of many of these artists so consider this your early guide to TCAF debuts.







But over on the waitlist and the rejection pile, it was sadness, Zen acceptance or maybe getting up the gumption to try again!



TCAF takes place May 12-13 with exhibitors located at the Toronto Reference Library and events throughout the city. Neither guests not any other details have been announced yet but here’s Sana Takeda’s lovely poster from last year to whet your appetite.



  1. i’m always puzzled/amazed/curious at how creators can afford all the extra money to fly around the world to all these conventions ever year. Its gotta cost tens of thousands of dollars. I know they sell stuff at tables, but geez. The expenses…

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