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Welcome 2013!


New goals! New weight loss! New healthy diet! New backslides! What are YOU looking forward to?


  1. I want to draw like that Leyendecker fella!
    Lacking that, I’ll continue drawing my own way, and looking for other artists to collaborate with, and get the beginning of my biopornographic novel serialized online.

  2. WORK! I intend to get MORE work done this year than the last. Also… I REALLY want to get my butt over to NYCC at least once in my life and that should happen in 2013.

    Other than that… yes, eat better, lose weight and all that jazz.

  3. Jason, I would like to draw like that Leyendecker guy too! Well said!

    But in 2013 I will continue my oil painting without quitting my day job. Right now it is about getting the right paint load on the brush and making the right ‘one’ stroke, not 3 of them. I will keep doing figure drawings from life, because real people make great models.

    I will continue to eat small(er) portions of food and continue practising basic yoga and then doing moderate exercise 3x a week. And get 8 hrs sleep EVERY night. That should look after ‘me’.

    Third, more related to comics, I look forward to seeing those hated Before Watchmen comics collected in affordable trades, so I can buy one or two.

  4. Loking for to be able to release our 4 scheduled issues of french mag SCARCE on Us comics (on Crossgen, Power Pack, Superman and DnA).
    And ot atlast be able to launch our annual US version of scarce called Scarce Interviews, with rare interviews of comics people (Brian Postman, Ernie Colon, Paul Renaud, Graham Annable, Cytnhia Martin, Mike Carey, Elaine Lee…).
    Looking forward to see more recognition toward pre1990’s comics creators. It’s nice to praise them once they die, it’s better to do it while they’re still alive.
    Happy new year to all!

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