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What it’s like for a fan, also a pretty good news round up for DC.
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200706180244Wizard World Philadelphia

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Reports on Hayden Panettiere’s activites
Pictures of people in costume holding stuffed toy.
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Young fan impressed by rock star meeting.

We were especially wondering how attendance at WW Philly was, since the show seems to have been shrinking. Mike Manley has one take on it:

Even at it’s bussiest it was 1/3 of the best show, the first WWP 5 years or so back. Artist Alley had business, but often there were dead spells and of course lots of lookie-lous kick’n tires. A few families, but not a lot. The Marvel and DC booths had traffic, but when I went by, nothing like previous years, where lines would stretch. I would call it a small regional show now, like Pittsburgh. I’ve done OK, not great. made my costs back and depending on business today, amybe some extra cake, but not a lot. I know some artists in artist alley had probably almost no business. At no point was it ever hard to walk the isles.


  1. I don’t go to Wizard World Philly. There is a better show closer to my house (Baltimore Comic Con). I can believe that it is now a small regional con. Wizard doesn’t want to run a show that is as Comics friendly as Baltimore Comic Con. At least for SDCC, there is a lot of comics and manga as part of the show still.

  2. I was there sat , did two packed panels, one standing room only and a signing that went an hour and a half over the time I said I would do. visited Billy Tucci’s spot in artist’s alley and he had a nice line.

    was busy as hell from what I saw. really. wish it was a better show for mike manley…that friggin guy is amazing!


  3. The attendance wasn’t great… then again I’ve never been before so I have no metrics to measure things by.

    Still, I did pretty good, selling 82 copies of “Mail Order Ninja.” I didn’t exactly rake it in, but I did better than I honestly thought I would.