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Weekend reading: “Grace” by Kris Dresen


Kris Dresen is a Xeric Award winner for Manya, written by Jen Banka. Grace is a cute story of an awkward crush, a lesbian coffeehouse and pie. It’s a little slow moving, but likable characters should keep you clicking.

  1. Kris Dresen is a very cool artist and I recommend the Manya books to anyone, they were the first Minis/Self published books I ever ordered direct from the US, must be 7 years ago now, and I still reread them a couple of times a year.

  2. I read this, and I did not like it. I knew what the story was going to be several pages into it. Which means I also knew how it was going to end. And I was right. It’s the kind of story a person in middle or high school might write.

    Kris has done some good comics before. Mostly when she works with a writer. Her own work tends to be the same story, which comes across as some personal wish she is waiting to happen to her.

  3. The Manya books are her best work as far as story goes, but then Jen Banka is a wonderfully poetic writer. Don’t write Kris off as a writer though. She’s in the trees is excellent though obscure and I always found Max and Lily to be pretty funny.

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