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Webcomics Alert: Act-i-vate launches a slew of impressive comics


Webcomics collective Act-i-vate is celebrating its sixth year with a bunch of new comics and returning old favorites, including new work by Darryl Cunningham and Igor Kordey. If you’ve forgotten how impressive Hyeondo Park is or how funny John Kerschbaum is, it might be good to take a look again.

PREGNANT BUTCH by A.K. Summers, continues its true life exploration of love, life and pregnancy from the P.O.V. of a butch lesbian. A.K. is a new, fascinating voice and her work is both witty and wise. 

SAM & LILAH by Jim Dougan & Hyeondo Park picks up its fractured love fable after a year’s hiatus, with Chapter 4. This is probably the most beautiful comic on the web, no kidding.

VULCAN & VISHNU by Leland Purvis. The travels and travails of two honest workmen making their way around obstacles and through calamities on their way to fortune and glory. Purvis creates the purest form of comics you will ever see. For years we used Vulcan & Vishnu as our example of everything we wanted to achieve with ACTIVATEcomix. 

Tuesday 21st February


THE CARTOON BOY ADVENTURE HOUR by John Kerschbaum. A gleeful, freewheeling, absurdist romp. Kerschbaum is a terrifying, implacable, force of funny!

Wednesday 22nd February

THE FIST by Darryl Cunningham. A satire of extreme right wing superheroics. New work from Darryl is always a reason to celebrate, especially as he is very much in demand at the moment. His follow up to PSYCHIATRIC TALES entitled SCIENCE TALES, LIES HOAXES & SCAMS is available from Myriad Editions this summer. His UNCLE BOB book will also be out this summer. Frankly, we’re happy he had the time.

THURSDAY 23rd February

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED by Dov Torbin continues.  A frank, smart and self aware piece of comics reportage from the heart of the “Arab Spring” of 2011.

Friday 24th February

THE GOLEM’S VOICE by David Klein . A powerful childhood fable set during the Nazi occupation of Poland by highly respected Wall Street Journal and New York Times illustrator David Klein. Oh, and he also used to draw Batman. David is new to ACTIVATEcomix and we are thrilled that he brought this story to us.

THE TEXAS KID by Igor Kordey. A new, original and personal work from the prodigious and prolific Igor Kordey . This is the first webcomic from the Croatian artist who has drawn such diverse comics as  the X-MEN, SCALPED and the award winning SMOKE (with Alex DeCampi). This story will be simultaneously told in three languages (English, French & Croatian) which is a new thing for ACTIVATEcomix, but something that we plan to do a lot more of in the coming years as we take advantage of the international platform the web provides.

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