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WATCHMEN update: posters, pictures, song


The final WATCHMEN poster has been released. Ooooooh.

Empire has released new character portraits. Aaaahhhhhh.

The New Frontiersman has a Flickr set with all kinds of viral material on the original Minutemen, the ’50s superhero team. Oooooooooh! Above, Dr. Manhattan comes to Vietnam. I wonder if they offered him some instant coffee?

The My Chemical Romance Bob Dylan cover for the final WATCHMEN credits has been teased, and everyone pretty much hates it. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

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  1. poke around youtube. you can find it.

    For someone trying to be insanely faithful to the source material, why didn’t he just use the Dylan version?

  2. The irony of the Chemical Romance cover being bad is epic. Now I’m sorta looking forward to the movie – so I can hear all the whining about how awful it is! lol

  3. have to agree with the MCR assessment– its universal panning was well deserved. that being said, tyler bates’ score sounds fantastic. i’m very much looking forward to the soundtrack (sans MCR) and the score. admittedly, i was skeptical of what snyder could do with the source material but he seems to have to crafted something worthy of its inspiration. 3*6*09 can’t come soon enough.

  4. Oh dear heavens, why is My Chemical Romance covering Bob Dylan? Yeah, cut down a 11 minute Dylan song to a 3 minute My Chemical Romance song. Brilliant. I should expect no less from Warners and DC. Funny. I like the band and even the lead singer’s own comic, but this just sounds awful. Moore quoted one line from the song in text. That doesn’t translate to a goth pop punk emo (what ever the hell Way is) cover of it. This reeks of marketing first mentality.

    Meanwhile that portrait book looks fantastic. The interview here has me sold. Portrait / set photography, costuming, and Watchmen all in one book. Amazing.

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