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For those of you who couldn’t get over to last week’s Strandicon and Comics Journal panel with Gary Groth, Dan Nadel, Tim Hodler, and Kim Deitch, the Strand has YouTubed the whole thing!:

And BONUS Strandicon interviews with Ben Katchor, Nadja Spiegelman, Trade Loeffler, Dash Shaw, Brecht Evens, Joe Ollmann, R. Sikoryak, Jillian Tamaki, and Pascal Girard.


  1. The Comics Journal is the magazine, not the cluttered website. The magazine is all but dead by Gary’s own hand. Is it published, what, once a year now and in that strange small format which presents artwork in a tiny format? TCJ doesn’t even care about general reader response any more as they eliminated the open message board from it’s revamped website. You can comment on individual articles they post but that is clearly a restrictive format. The old Blood & Thunder is defunct along with the news column which they eliminated by firing the news editor. TCJ isn’t TCJ any more.

  2. TCJ gives me hope for america. And, I’m serious when I say that. I get pretty down on this country from time to time, but the fact that TCJ continues to exist gives me hope.

    I am really, really not being sarcastic here, tho I know it sounds like that. This grabs me. I just bookmarked this to watch.

  3. @James: Even though I can agree with your general sentiment (the version of the Comics Journal we were familiar with is no more), I think this was a somewhat inevitable outcome, given changes in technology and in the Direct Market in general.

    I have to say I’m quite pleased with the new website and its content, though. And I won’t miss the message board in the slightest.

    @Al: Thanks for the confirmation. Still can’t hear the audio on the first five videos though, despite updating my Flash Player software. I don’t have this problem with the last two videos, I can hear those just fine.

  4. I just realized that it’s sorta ironic that I listened to this while cataloging my comics for eventual sale. It’s a long process I’m going through now. 6 boxes down. 40 to go. It’s funny, I guess, but I’m selling my comics in order to devote myself even more completely to comics, so I guess it’s a worthwhile sacrifice.