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Warren Ellis and D’Israeli’s SVK sells out


We’ve been remiss in not saying more about SVK, an experimental comic that design group BERG hired Warren Ellis and artist D’Israeli to produce. The comic can only be read in full with a special UV lamp which reveals key elements of the art. Cool! The comic is only available through BERG and it’s already sold out of 3500 copies. A second printing is on the way, however,

Of the project, Ellis writes

SVK was the hardest thing I’ve written in years. I think it’s also the best thing I’ve written in a few years. And, without offense to my other collaborators, I’ve known and worked with Matt for twenty years, and that means that not only does stuff appear on the page exactly as I imagined it would, but that it’ll also be better than I imagined it. At some point, once the book’s circulated a bit, I’ll talk about the horrible technical difficulties Matt solved without breaking step. Suffice it to say that this book very probably would not have happened at all if Matt Brooker had not been onboard.

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