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Walking Dead news roundup: new poster, Season 3 expansion


AMC has released a teaser poster for the midseason return of The Walking Dead on February 12 with Andrew Lincolnas Sheriff Rick Grimes taking aim. After the rather Shane-centric first half of the season, will we see Rick getting back in the saddle?

Unsurprisingly, AMC has also announced a longer season 3 — 16 episodes as opposed to 12. The season will be split in two, and writers Nichole Beattie (Rubicon, John from Cincinnati) and Sang Kim (Crash, Hawthorne) are joining the staff.

Since debuting last year,The Walking Dead has set viewing records for AMC and spawned one of the strongest comics-based franchises in recent years.

  1. I have the the over sized volume one and I enjoyed that but I haven’t picked up the rest of the over sized volumes.

    Now are for the show, I have mixed feelings about it and yeah, Kirkman’s is the (co-)creator of the series and right of the bat from the first season a lot of chances; I wonder if this is Kirkman’s way of “What if I wrote the this this way instead I wrote it in the comic book?”

  2. This second season has indeed been slow and lackluster for the most part IMO, I’m hoping Season 3 shows some of the magic/suspense that Season 1 had…

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