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Walking Dead and Death of Spider-Man top shaky June sales


ICv2 has rolled out its numbers, and June was another down month, with periodical comics sales down 4.62 percent from June of 2010. The GN picture was more complicated.

Graphic novel sales in June were down 8.15% from 2010 but that number is a bit more understandable given the fact that June 2010 posted a 21% increase in GN sales over 2009 thanks to a strong lineup led by Batman Arkham Asylum Madness, Chew Vol. 2, Hellboy Vol. 10, Naruto Vol. 48, and boasted no fewer than 40 titles that sold over 2,000 copies through DCD.  The graphic novel numbers this June would have looked a lot worse if it hadn’t been for the latest volumes of The Walking Dead from Image and Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Dark Horse.

The new WALKING DEAD collection led GNs with 20,000, while THE DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN led periodicals with just over 159K
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Overall, these numbers paint a pretty dicey picture for the Fantasy Economy. (See Larry Marder’s comment’s here). June 2010 may have been an abnormal month for GN sales but there is a need for more franchises like Hellboys, Chews and Narutos.

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