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Vin Diesel Is the Title Character in Bloodshot, So Valiant Gets Their Man


We already knew Valiant had Dave Wilson set to direct a Bloodshot movie from Oscar winner Eric Heisserer’s script.  (Note: You should check out Heisserer’s Secret Weapons comic.  Good stuff.)  What we didn’t know is who was going to be playing the title role of nanite-enhanced super-solider Bloodshot.

Turns out it’s Vin Diesel, according to Deadline.  Vin’s likely to be found in a local gym right now, as he’s probably not going to be wearing a shirt for most of the film.

Everybody figured if  DMG Entertainment was buying out the rest of Valiant, the production was about to take a big step forward.  Adding a marquee name probably qualifies as that.

Deadline notes that  Neal H. Moritz is one of the producers on the film.  He’s also a producer on Vin Diesel’s The Fast and the Furious movie franchise, which couldn’t have hurt during negotiations.

This is formally a Sony (Spider-Man) film through Blur Studios (Deadpool), so it’s not like anybody here is inexperienced with super heroes.

If Vin Diesel raises the casting stakes for DMG / Valiant, the next question becomes who they get for the lead in the Shadowman film?

Unfamiliar with the Bloodshot character and comic?  We have some articles and previews available.


  1. I wonder if this movie will go down the Logan hard R path, or not. How to generate sympathy with a lesser known character. Will Vin Diesel be playing himself (I’m not sold on the casting

  2. Vin Diesel is 50. It’s not too old but I hope the movie doesn’t try to pretend he’s 30.

    I’ll be interested to see how much the recent version of the character influences the story. The Shooter version was more super-hero-ish, then there was a reboot that was practically horror, and the latest version is like commentary on the empowering nature of victimhood where Bloodshot’s defining characteristic isn’t being a badass but how badly he can get his ass kicked.


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