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Vienna Comic Con 2015: Day Two, Sunday (updated)


As per Con tradition, we slept in on Sunday. Not because of wild parties on Saturday night, but because we were a bit tired, and we could, and there wasn’t anything scheduled on our agenda.Today’s surprise on the Press Room menu was a nice TexMex chili. We haven’t noticed many Mexican or Latino restaurants in the city (although paprika is a common spice in the local cuisine), so we’re formulating a business plan. Me, I suggested we get the Taco Bell and Chipolte franchises for the common market, and then create nicer restaurants for the connoisseurs. I think the casual dining market is also underserved. Perhaps the locals prefer the independent restaurants which cost about the same.

Today was spent with more wandering around, and making sure I didn’t overlook anything. Our “Jamie Olsen” will have more and better photos soon. Until then, enjoy my cellphone photos. (Just pretend you’re reading these on Facebook…)

Frühstücksbretter (breakfast boards, to hold a simple sandwich) about 10 x 6 inches wide, along with drink coasters. The company? “DC Universe”. Yes, even for the Marvel and Asterix items. Good luck trying to find their website!
Many retailers (and a few in Artist Alley) offered surprise bags. This one had bags for specific fandoms (Resident Evil, Call of Duty…) and even Asian snacks! (It’s a bit of a Japanese tradition!) I guess it’s better than the “50% off all trades” strategy at American cons…
Yes, attendees could high dive onto an air cushion.
The rules for the Bag Jump. COMICS!
A very slick German-language magazine for cosplayers. “Cohoku
“But with you… I see your face… And it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before!”
Kids get in on the cosplay action!
Artists Alley. Wide aisles, wide spacing between tables. The featured artists had a separate area, part Artist Alley, part autographing area.
An example of how wide the aisles were in Artist Alley.
Halimaw Sculptures‘ Superman, Spider-Man, Anti-Monitor
Halimaw’s Anti-Monitor, in Artist Alley
Planet Hulk?
The Panorama Restaurant, near closing.
The VIP suite, towards the end of Sunday. Free snacks, nice seating, view of the show floor, plus coat check. Next door is the Panorama restaurant. Two restrooms were hidden behind the elevator.

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