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VIDEO: Banksy's Simpsons opening



  1. great opening.

    would like to think this will change something, but let’s be sadly honest. this artist will get more attention than any of those workers, and alot of people here in the states will feel bad for a bit, maybe even try to donate to some fund to help, but then go right back to the same consumation that lead to it. seriously, it’d be cool if we all really united and was really willing to give up what is truly needed to help these people but we all like our comfortability way too much.

  2. It’s a perfectly good couch gag but it’s ultimately just another piece of self-promotion for Banksy. The point he wants you to take from this is not “Let’s sort out sweatshops”; it’s “Wow, Banksy’s unafraid to stand up to the man.” All he ever really has to say is “Look at me, look at how cool I am”. Sadly, that seems to be enough for most people.

  3. After seeing everyone hyping it I was excited to find a YouTube link that hadn’t been taken down by Fox yet (for copyright reasons, not because there was anything therein worth censoring)… and then I was underwhelmed. The Simpsons have done plenty of far more biting self-referential gags on their own merchandising and brand already, repeatedly, via Krusty the Klown and Itchy and Scratchy. They’ve even shown the Korean sweatshop studio before, just not in this “Schindler’s List” style. If this wasn’t a “BANSKY!!1OMG!!” intro it would be just another couch gag. It’s piercing social commentary only if you’re watching the Simpsons for the first time ever and, up until now, you had no idea that sweatshops existed. Does anyone think a mink-in-a-woodchipper gag is going to make someone research how products are made and then change their buying habits? Did this make any viewers feel a teensy bit concerned about the giant flat screen TV they watched this on?

    If Bansky actually had balls he should have riffed on whatever backroom deals and bags of dollars have kept The Simpsons going five seasons past its “Best Before” date.

  4. Is it about banksy or fox i don’t know,do i care. But from a certain viewpoint it is damn brilliant. They go on about ‘The Simpsons’ are not what they used to be bla bla etc. But then this comes allong and i must say good stuff. There is a lot more in that than just Banksy, brilliant.

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