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Vess views STARDUST


Over at his Blog, Charles Vess reports on his first viewing of the Stardust movie:

Nervous couldn’t half describe how I was feeling at that moment. What if I found myself cringing at what had been done to “my” story. What if everyone started walking out? What if, what if… But all of that ‘noise’ quickly dissapeared as the story began to unfold on screen. And over the next two hours everything that I could have wanted was all there; action, humor, romance, a touch of horror, special effects that were there in service to the story being told, an epic scope as well as many wonderfully intimate quiet moments. Matthew and co-screenwriter Jane Goldman have managed to capture the essence of the novel and then have skillfully edited as well as extended plot and characters where needed to transform those elements from one medium to another. For those of you who love the original novel there are indeed changes aplenty, so prepare yourself. But there were just as many scenes and little moments that come directly from the book. As to the visuals, they are very different from my own conceptions but just as valid for the story. The pirates flying galleon is particularly brilliant!

We’re really looking forward to seeing this movie! The comments section includes a particularly name-droping account of the screening including Robert DeNiro’s happy reaction and the idea that “If “Stardust” is as big a hit as predicted, De Niro will get at least two sequels out of it.”

The audience, which included “Spider-Man 3” actor James Franco, Andy Garcia, Mariska Hargitay, Harvey Weinstein and Paramount chief Brad Grey, howled with delight as De Niro stole “Stardust” from an impressive cast.

Michelle Pfeiffer, hot British actor Charlie Cox and Claire Danes head up an ensemble that also includes Sienna Miller, Jason Flemyng, Ricky Gervais, Rupert Everett, Ian McKellen, Henry Cavill and Peter O’Toole as the narrator.

De Niro usually remains mum on screenings and doesn’t sit through them. But he very happily sat through this one along with his wife, Grace, enjoying the response in the room. He also had a great time later on at the after-party on the Gramercy Park Hotel roof, chatting with his old pal, “Untouchables” producer Art Linson.

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