Whoa, we are still here, but it’s been a CRAZY week at Stately Beat Manor! We’ve had house guests, a surprise visit by the FBI, a battle with customs, car bombs, Jude Law, Hoteloween and now a mysterious sound from the abode below. March Madness!

One thing we’ve noted in the tumult: Twitter has so jumped the shark! We’re now getting emails from PR companies referring to their Twitter announcements, like we had time to notice between 70 of our friends talking about what they had for lunch. People who think a Tweet has some kind of lasting impact will soon learn otherwise, although it works great as a news-blasty kind of thing. Also, people who Tweet panels instead of writing good old fashioned blog posts really suxxor1!


  1. i think twitter works well as an RSS feed and “news blasty kind of thing”. but, for PR announcements? if it’s in addition to an actual announcement, fine. but if it’s their sole way of getting the word out, then not so much.

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