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Venom Will End in October


As implied by its absence from Marvel’s November solicitations, and now confirmed by the publisher on their website, the ongoing Venom series is to end in October with issue #42.

One of those titles which managed to quietly build up a fairly substantial run, the series was launched by Rick Remender and Tony Moore, with Cullen Bunn taking over writing duties roughly halfway through the run. This was all part of a concerted effort to build up a family of Spider-titles – surprisingly, the book has been outlasted by Scarlet Spider, the Chris Yost-written series which featured an arguably less-familiar character.

This could well be a natural end point for Venom anyway, though – Bunn notes that he’ll be wrapping up the thematic elements which have been in place since the first issue, and the character will thereafter appear in Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man series.

With the announcement of Venom’s cancellation, following on from similar announcements for Astonishing X-Men and X-Factor, I believe this means that Wolverine & The X-Men is now Marvel’s longest-running series with 34 issues to its name. Daredevil follows with 30.

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