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Vault adds Caspar Wijingaard covers to A DARK INTERLUDE #1

The “not-quite-a-sequel” to Fearscape hits this November


This past spring, Vault Comics announced A Dark Interlude #1, the “not-quite-a-sequel” to Fearscape, co-created by writer Ryan O’Sullivan (Void Trip, Dark Souls) and artist Andrea Mutti (Port of Earth, Rebels). The book, featuring colors by Vladimir Popov and letters by Andworld Design, marks the return of Henry Henry, comics’ most unreliable narrator. Designs for the series are by Tim Daniel.

With a few covers already on deck from artists Ariela Kristantina, Nathan Gooden and Daniel, and Rebekah Isaacs, the publisher is now adding new gorgeous Caspar Wijingaard entries available in two different versions. A regular cover will be available as a 1:15 variant, while a deluxe foil edition printed on thick card stock will be available as a 1:30 variant.

Read the synopsis of the story below (as told by Henry Henry):

After the stunning success of Fearscape, comes A Dark Interlude, the story of-No! The only offence to literature greater than the loathsome synopsis is the sequel. I will not stand idle while some poor excuse for an editor mangles and confuses my story, which is intact, perfect, and concluded, with this derivative drivel. Mark my words, this nonsense has nothing to do with my tale. I am not in it. I do not condone it. And you, dear reader, should not buy it.

A Dark Interlude #1 hits store shelves on November 11. Take a look at the cover options here.

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