Here’s one of the subjects we really need to read up on: the legal tangle surrounding the return of Valiant comics. It seems the tangle has already caused one problem: Diamond will not be distributing the HARBINGER reprint due to legal concerns:

In the latest development in what has seemingly become a quagmire of intellectual property rights and legalities over the former Valiant characters took another twist this past week. The Harbinger: The Beginning hardcover, originally due to go on sale this Wednesday from Valiant Entertainment, LLC. collecting the original 1990’s Harbinger #0-7 along with an all-new “Origin of Harada” story by Harbinger creator Jim Shooter, has been cancelled in the Direct Market. Retailers who have called their Diamond Comics Distributors representatives to inquire about the availability of the hardcover have been told that the item was canceled Friday due to “legal reasons.”

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  1. No big loss! There are way better books out there. Why bother with another badly written and drawn book by Valiant?

  2. valiant badly written??? do you even read comics?

    I got my copy of the hardcover from amazon and I know stores can put thier orders with valiant directly. the new coloring is superb and the new story is classic valiant (top notch writing)!

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