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Underoos are back from Hot Topic —and they’re for adults

Photo by Paul Nomad

Going about your business clad in the underwear of a superhero is a god given right, and it’s not just for cosplay any more: Hot Topic is now offering underoos in adult sizes including Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Captain America He-Man and Skeletor. Please note, these are actually branded Underoos, after a a long ago brand of child sized superheroic undies, as our pal Paul at Idle Hands revealed. And they come in actual underoo packaging.

You’ll note that on the site, female underoos wearers do a saucy butt turn so we can see if the underwear makes your butt look good which is very very important.

Men merely truck their undershirt into their underpants in order to look…heroic. Is that a real thing???

There is also this Batman bra. This could make getting to second base a big surprise on date night.

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