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Two views of Captain America


We’re informed that Captain America will soon be appearing on an artistic print:

Street artist and superhero collager Miss Bugs will soon be releasing a print version of “Carry Your Sins” featuring Marvel patriot and enemy of teabaggers, Captain America, who appears to be summoning his inner Jesus. The details about the 2-color silkscreen with “hand gold leaf on Japanese paper,” are sparse so stay tuned.

Likewise, the parade of potential young male leads who are up for the rôle of Captain America has inspired Photoshop Fun at Splash Page. John Krasinski — the guy from The Office — seems the best to us..


  1. Wow. So running a photo you found online of a Cap statue through some photo shop filters is considered art? Geez. I think I outgrew that phase after I first found Photoshop freshman year of high school. I can’t stand idiots like this guy or Shepard Fairey. Hell, even Roy Lichtenstein ticks me off.

  2. Hypothesis: There are too many overcompensated executives who want to look “sophisticated” by purchasing this derivative stuff. As long as they are getting a bigger slice of the world’s wealth, they will spend money on things like contemporary art and narcotics. The narcotics make the overcompensated exexutives oblivious to the things we’re noticing right now.

    I wonder if I’m right.

  3. Teabagger? You clearly know nothing about Cap. He is a true patriot and believes in the constitution and limited government? He is definitely not a libtard. Idiot

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