Toy Fair


We’re not really doing Toy Fair, but we did see Hasbro’s presentation on Saturday which included tons of upcoming toys in the GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, MARVEL and STAR WARS lines. We took some pictures, although we’re not good on the details.

This is from GI JOE, and anyone with a pet parrot is cool by us.

From the TRANSFORMERS line, the Devastator, assembled from no less than SIX other models. God knows how long it takes to put this thing together. The MSRP is something approaching $99, which had people wondering if the current market would support such prices. To be fair, it IS impressive!

Red Hulk is cool!

Not part of the “Fan Media Presentation,” this “Virtual pet” purrs and licks its paw. Very sophisticated.

Count Dooku (tee hee hee!).

We’re not sure exactly what Nein Numb and Admiral Ackbar are doing here — Riding a horse? Yoga? Or just copping a squat?

  1. Transformers nerds pay at least that much for the original Devastator, so yeah, some of ’em will probably shell out for the new one.

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