So we wandered around Toy Fair for a bit yesterday, but missed most of the big presentations. Lego had a very early morning event showing off TOY STORY 3 Legos; we missed Hasbro’s entirely, but made the Mattel event. According to a knowledgeable observer, Hasbro and Mattel are going in slightly different directions — Hasbro’s event spoke of their commitment to toys for KIDS who play with toys. Mattel’s events was aimed at “The older collector inside all of us,” which was a funny way to put it because it made it sound like a kid might have an older collector inside him or her.

We spotted Todd McFarlane making a rare Toy Fair appearance at the Diamond booth. Likewise, Geoff Johns was at the Mattel event, just to check out the toys. In fact, he was tweeting about it later.

Later in the day, Bandai had a reception, showing off tons of impressive Ben 10 toys (Attention, Joe Casey!) and a new wave of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers toys was teased.

Otherwise, we just took tons of pictures — so here’s a photo gallery.







Mattel’s Classic DC retro line — they are working on adding Wonder Woman, said a spokesman.


DCU vs MotU? Hm. Anyway Lex Luthor vs Skeletor — YES!


Kamandi totally should be DC’s answer to the Twilight crowd. Think about it.



Mattel showed their TOY STORY 3 toys, which include a must have OCTOPUS…


…for that Hentai feeling?


Mattel has a load of WWE figures.




And an AVATAR line; we didn’t get any great pictures of the diorama but there was a little dude on a wheelchair who is obviously not Jake Sully.


Parker and Grace were also lurking in the underbrush.


The Navi toys are a little on the thin side.


While the collector setup featured the above, the showroom for actual toys led off with this super Barbie display.


Barbie’s NEW PROFESSION! Perl 1, Python 2, Barbie!


Barbie’s other career – as voted on by fans — is a glamorous newscaster. I made a joke about her being a Fox news reporter (since they are all pretty glamorous) and one of the Mattel people didn’t think that was funny. “She owns her own news station!!” she sniffed.


I forget the name of this interactive toy which will grunt with your young ones. There was also a singing, dancing Mickey Mouse toy.


Oh yeah!



Is a coat of many Hello Kitty really suitable for the cold snowy weather we’ve been having?


Let’s all embarrass Douglas Wolk with this!



Jonah Hex 12 inch prototypes. Hard to photograph with the hat!



Sam Worthington in CLASH OF THE TITANS. That guy has blown up.


More NECA toys from a video game license that I didn’t write down. SORRY.


Despite the tepid response for the WATCHMEN movie, some of the toys and licensed stuff did okay, said a NECA rep, and they are releasing a Rorschach bobblehead later on. Also, WATCHMEN may join the HeroClix universe.


300 stuff from back in the day. Seems like only yesterday.


These CHRISTMAS STORY toys literally put Neca on the map.




It is totally cool that ALL of the Jacob merchandise just shows him standing there with no shirt and an 8-pack.





Everyone agreed that these STAR WARS LIGHTSABER CHOPSTICKS were the coolest thing at the show that we saw. They were really sweet and we all want some; unfortunately, the retail price is $19.99. Gimme a break! I just bought a dozen pairs of bamboo chopsticks in Chinatown for 85¢!


Red Hulk is coming!







Well, that answers that question!



Dark Horse has introduced a Bettie Page figure based on a Dave Stevens drawing.



KICK-ASS is going to be a real cult movie.





We’ll have more from Diamond and DC Direct tomorrow.


  1. “[Barbie] owns her own news station!!”

    Isn’t the real story then that Barbie is a TV station owner then? Not to mention that she selfishly made herself anchor of said station?

  2. Jessie would totally hogtie that octopus before it laid a tentacle on her. Then she’s untie it then do it again just to try different knots! She’s like the Chuck Norris of toys!

  3. That’s an interesting chastity belt on that DC simian figure. (And is Zatanna really that busty and hour-glassy?)

    I never thought I would ever expect to use the phrase “Pussy Galore Barbie” in polite conversation.

    Is it me, or does Phoenix look like a pole dancer? Although, that “Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds” meme would be kinda cool.

    The Star Wars chopsticks were featured in Previews a few months ago. I expect you use them for special occasions.

    Is that Toy Story 3 Octopus a Wacky WallWalker? (Voiced by Whoopi Goldberg.) (Ohmigawd… Ken appears… and he is sooooo metrosexual!) Oooh… John Lasseter immortalized in LEGO bricks!

    Why doesn’t someone create a mirrored lavalamp Rorschach head?

    Hello Kitty meets Lady Gaga meets Cruella de Vil?

    Heidi, Barbie is just following in your fabulous footsteps. If you hadn’t made blogging so stylish and glamorous, Heidi would still be struggling with math.

    If Barbie uses “Barbie” as a newscaster, she’s probably with Fox. If she use “Barbara Millicent Roberts”, she’s probably with NPR or CNN.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the first to see the conflict between Barbie owning her station and her being one of its on-air personalities. That’s a fusion of the editorial side and the sales department which would be anathema to any serious journalistic organization. Barbie, where are your ethics?!

  5. I’m digging the “Mego” DC Classics retro figures. It took them long enough to figure there might be a market for those. Realistically, is any of this stuff aimed at kids? Isn’t it odd, that there are more adults buying toys than kids?

  6. What does it say about me that I find the Hello Kitty coat less disturbing than Lady Gaga’s infamous Kermit-the-Frog coat?

  7. Funny seeing the Kamandi figure, I was just thinking the weekend after rereading the achives, a Kamandi line like the New Gods line would be brilliant (all in Kirby style of course). Omac and Demon as well.

  8. that Barbie display looks like it’s straight out of Wayland Smithers’ house.

    FWIW, the WWE thinks the Mattel license will put serious dough in their coffers this year in their merch department.

  9. >>Does anyone know what character that is in the Masters Of the Universe display with the eyeball for a head?<<

    I can't remember, but I own the original figure from back in the day.
    He also carries a kick-ass laser rifle

  10. >>Does anyone know what character that is in the Masters
    >>Of the Universe display with the eyeball for a head?

    The character’s name is Optikk, I believe…

  11. It is clever to make a coat from a puppet which was made from a coat. What makes it disturbing is:
    a) Kermit is a personality. He is witty and likeable and a Nice Guy.
    b) He has eyes and a mouth. When hung on a coat like Lady Gaga wore, the Kermits look dead.
    c) Hello Kitty has no mouth, the eyes are expressionless, and the doll has little personality or backstory.
    d) Iconic cartoon drawings allow a reader to identify more with the figures shown than with more realistic drawing. Iconic dolls such as Hello Kitty are more generic and open to creativity, a blank slate, whereas a doll like Barbie or a puppet like Kermit have known biographies and relationships.

  12. “…for that Hentai feeling?”
    -he IS creeping up on her! O.o

    “”I made a joke about her being a Fox news reporter (since they are all pretty glamorous) and one of the Mattel people didn’t think that was funny. “She owns her own news station!!” she sniffed.””
    -This actually makes me happy! I mean, yeah she was selling an unrealistic body type for girls, but that she was adamant that Barbie does NOT work for Fox! hehe! :D

    “Is a coat of many Hello Kitty really suitable for the cold snowy weather we’ve been having?”
    -As mentioned, inspired by the Lady Gaga English designer. ;)

    “Well, that answers that question!”
    -Haha! Well, still not bad for the little guy, considering he’s less than half their size. :D