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Climb the TOWER OF GOD in a new character trailer

What's at the top?


Tower of God is coming soon and the latest character trailer is here. The upcoming anime is a Crunchyroll Original and collaboration with Webtoon, adapting the original story of a young man fighting his way up the Tower and learning its terrible mysteries.

In this trailer, we get a look at the Tower of God cast and a bit of an idea about what they’re doing around this Tower. For someone like me who never got a chance to read the Webtoon comic it follows, it’s a pretty intriguing two minutes of action, character design and worldbuilding.

Below, we’ve got the Tower of God character trailer, along with descriptions and cast members. Check those out, and get ready for the show’s premiere on April 1 along with the comic’s global following of 4.5 billion readers.

Endorsi Jahad (Character Voice: Rie Suegara)
One of the princesses of Jahad. Climbs the tower as a Regular. Though she’s an attractive and fashionable girl, she is also proud and strong-willed. Of the Regulars climbing the tower together, she is exceptionally strong.

Anaak Jahad (Character Voice: Akira Sekine)
The girl who wields “The Green April,” one of the legendary “13 Month Series” weapons only bestowed upon the princesses by King Jahad. Her lizard-like green skin and tail set her apart, and she is extremely physically capable.

Khun Aguero Agnes (Character Voice: Nobuhiko Okamoto)
Originally from the Khun family, one of the “10 Families.” With strong combat capabilities, he is a strategist whose family’s internal struggle for power tempered his strategic abilities and sharp mind. He is the first friend Bam made inside the tower and one of the people he trusts most.

Rak Wraithraiser (Character Voice: Kenta Miyake)
A proud warrior bursting with confidence. Having formed a team with Bam and Khun immediately upon meeting them, they are bound by a powerful bond. Normally he is hot-headed and violent, but he also cares for his friends. Nicknamed “gator.” Has a habit of calling others “___ turtle.”

Yuri Jahad (Character Voice: Mariko Honda)
One of the princesses of Jahad. Possessing both top-class strength and experience, she has an extensive combat record as a “High Ranker,” one who has reached the highest level of the tower. She expresses an interest in the “Irregular” Bam who is not bound by the rules of the tower, and when Bam is forced into taking a harsh test immediately upon entering the tower, she lends him the legendary weapon “The Black March” granted to her by King Jahad.

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