TOHO animation has announced plans to roll out a pop-up shop for this year’s installment of Anime Expo under the iiZO webshop brand, which the studio partners with for exclusive merchandise sourced from the studio’s various properties such as Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia and SPY x FAMILY. A combination of previously Japan-exclusive merch and merch exclusively produced for the convention will be made available at the TOHO animation booth on the show floor.

20 convention exclusives will be featured, ranging from $10-25 in price and making their North American debut, including acrylic stands, keychains, pins and more merch from TOHO animation titles that were previously exclusive to Jump Festa 2024 and Anime Japan 2024. The lineup is listed below by property.

SPYxFAMILY My Hero Academia
  • Anya Acrylic Stand (Jump Festa)
  • 4-piece Pin Set (Jump Festa)
  • 12-piece Postcard Set (Anime Japan)


  • Izuku Midoriya Acrylic Stand (Jump Festa)
  • Katsuki Bakugo Acrylic Stand (Anime Japan)
  • Shoto Todoroki Acrylic Stand (Jump Festa)
  • Shota Aizawa Acrylic Stand (Anime Japan)
  • 5-piece Pin Set (Jump Festa)
  • 5-piece Pin Set (Anime Japan)
  • 13-piece Postcard Set (Anime Japan)

Jujutsu Kaisen

  • Satoru Gojo Acrylic Stand (Jump Festa)
  • Suguru Geto Acrylic Stand (Jump Festa)
  • Yuji Itadori Acrylic Stand (Anime Japan)
  • Megumi Fushiguro Acrylic Stand (Anime Japan)
  • Nobara Kugisaki Acrylic Stand (Anime Japan)
  • 3” Kaitama + Tomaori 5 piece Acrylic Keychain Set (Anime Japan)
  • 3” Shibuya Incident 5-piece Acrylic Keychain Set (Anime Japan)
  • Kaitama + Tamaori 5-piece Pin Set (Anime Japan)
  • Shibuya Incident 5-piece Pin Set (Anime Japan)
  • 10-piece Postcard Set (Jump Festa)


Convention exclusive apparel for Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, SPY x FAMILY and Kaiju No. 8 has also been announced with prices set at $32-75 per piece. For those unable to attend Anime Expo this year, selected pieces will also be made available online post-convention on the iiZO online shop.

The iiZO pop-up shop at Anime Expo makes this an exceptional opportunity for North American fans to get their hands on rare collectibles that are usually the most difficult to purchase, being exclusive to Anime Japan and Jump Festa, two of the biggest events for anime and manga fans globally and otherwise difficult to attend if you don’t already live in Japan.

Source: Press Release