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Just guessing tomorrow will be Hulk, right?

In case you missed the previous bits, the meaning of these war teasers from Marvel will be revealed on Sunday at the Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con.

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  1. Another big “war” event. What will it be this time?

    A) everyone gets Iron Man armor
    B) everyone gets Spider-Man powers
    C) everyone gets a Thor hammer
    D) everyone gets the Phoenix force

    Oh wait….

    The House of Ideas, indeed.

  2. I don’t think Marvel knows what “war” means.

    “World War Hulk” – a pissed off Hulk returns to Earth … to cause property damage and create a disturbance.

    released at the same time from DC:

    “Sinestro War” – hundreds of Green Lanterns are slaughtered.

    People die in a war (not just for 3 months)!

  3. Is Didio editor in chief at the house of ideas? This is getting as annoying as Countdown to Final Crisis let’s f things up so much we need to re-start everything. Christ tell a new story.