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Today's war teaser implicates Iron Man


Just guessing tomorrow will be Hulk, right?

In case you missed the previous bits, the meaning of these war teasers from Marvel will be revealed on Sunday at the Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con.

  1. Another big “war” event. What will it be this time?

    A) everyone gets Iron Man armor
    B) everyone gets Spider-Man powers
    C) everyone gets a Thor hammer
    D) everyone gets the Phoenix force

    Oh wait….

    The House of Ideas, indeed.

  2. I don’t think Marvel knows what “war” means.

    “World War Hulk” – a pissed off Hulk returns to Earth … to cause property damage and create a disturbance.

    released at the same time from DC:

    “Sinestro War” – hundreds of Green Lanterns are slaughtered.

    People die in a war (not just for 3 months)!

  3. Is Didio editor in chief at the house of ideas? This is getting as annoying as Countdown to Final Crisis let’s f things up so much we need to re-start everything. Christ tell a new story.

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