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Today’s list


5. The Spitting Man from MOME #10. The story has been done before but it is done so well here.

4. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares — there is something about seeing this guy berate pretentious pub owners, lackluster chefs and incompetent 17-year-old soup cooks that is sooooo satisfying. And when there’s redemption, the payoff is worth it.

3. Broccoli

2. This video. Thanks, Trish!

1. “Fennemore’s Lied” by Kurt Weill as sung by Ute Lemper.
1a. Heck, Kurt Weill, in general. For a quick download, we recommend this. A little operatic, but the required dramatic thread stays strong.

  1. I LOVED Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares! My wife and I stumbled upon it this year and it seemed to be the only show me made time for out of our busy schedules.

  2. Good to know there’s another comics geek/Ute Lemper fan around! Was lucky enough to see her on the “Berlin Cabaret Songs” tour years ago — splendid stuff.

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