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Today is decision day for DC Entertainment


Today is decision day for DC Entertainmenthttp://ift.tt/19Xui93

Today is the deadline for DC Entertainment employees to give their decisions on whether or not they are going to move west with the company in early 2015. While most folks have been tight lipped about their decisions until now, it’s already obvious that the new DC is going to look very, very different and have a very different corporate culture. We haven’t been covering this story because of the highly personal nature, but after today, most of the story will be known, and the exodus to find new jobs will begin. A few people have speculated that as much as 40% of the company won’t make the move…and it’s been a very difficult decision for a lot of people. Best of luck.

Meanwhile, across town, Marvel editor Stephen Wacker is already heading west to join, reportedly, Marvel Animation. This is a bit of a stunner because we’d always heard Wacker was an heir apparent to the Brevoort/Alonso duo running editorial, should either become incapacitated. Certainly as the editor of The Spider-verse and many other top titles, he established himself as one of the leading editors at the company. Perhaps some former DC editors will be available to fill his spot, if not his priceless online presence.

Man, it’s going to be a weird next few months around town.

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