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To Do Tonight: Los Angeles — Jaime Hernandez at Skylight Books


Locas II: Maggie, Hopey & Ray (Fantagraphics)

Jaime Hernandez will discuss Locas II with Ben Schwartz.  This is the first Skylight visit for Hernandez (even though our book buyer Charles has had a large Love and Rockets tattoo on his arm for years!).   Of course, Hernandez is the great co-creator (with his brothers Gilbert and Mario) of the legendary independent comic Love and Rockets, now over a quarter century old, with new work continuing to evolve.

Essayist/screenwriter Schwartz has written extensively about comics as well as comedy (his Best American Comics Criticism of the 21st Century comes out this fall), and will lead the conversation with Hernandez about his work through the years.

Jaime Hernandez is a lifelong Los Angelean, where he continues to chronicle Maggie’s life in the pages of Love and Rockets: New Stories.

  1. Jaime Hernandez has captured L.A. like Raymond Chandler did. I know of few other writers and no cartoonists that put the reader in the middle of the city (not to mention the Valley, etc.) like Hernandez. I have a solid sense of the real place where I spent my first 31 years, and I read his stories fully recognizing streets and cars and architecture, not to mention the people.

  2. Its a shame that the Hernandez Bros arent more popular. They are at the top of their class. It seems whenever there is a thread or post about them it never gets much interest.

  3. What if you could create a fiction so perfect, so real, that you almost couldn’t tell the difference anymore? Would you do it? Where would you take it? What would be the point?

    I guess these are questions that Jamie Hernandez has had to ask himself at some point in his life.

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