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To Do NYC: Fresh Meat


Sorry to be so New York-centric this week but it really is a banner week for all things graphic in the Apple. Tonight, it’s SVA’s annual student comics convention, as reported by Matt Madden.

Most interesting for the general public will be Fresh Meat, the mini-comics convention for SVA cartooning students. You’ll find a range from first efforts to polished silk-screened artbooks for sale. Come check out the superstars of tomorrow!

Friday, May 1
Fresh Meat, SVA’s In-house Comic Convention
6 – 8 pm
217 East 23 Street (SVA’s Student Center “Monkeybar Lounge”)

Madden has a few other events later in the week listed in the link, but we can testify that you are virtually guaranteed to meet one future superstar of comics at every Fresh Meat.

  1. Bummer I’ll be missing this. I went the past two years, and there’s always something worthwhile on display, plus the students are SUPER excited about comics. Recommended.

  2. just got back from this and picked up a lot of cool stuff. i’m 25 and seeing all these students made me feel kind of old.

    one thing: i bought a really sweet button from an artist but didn’t think to get her name. the button is a profile shot of a girl wearing goggles. style is somewhat jamie hewlett-ish. anyone know the name of this artist? i’d like to see more of her work

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