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To Do March 20: “Surely you’re joking, Dr. Wertham!”


Well here’s a must do: a chance to see Carol Tilley, the heroic professor who proved Dr. Fredric Wertham was a fraud, in person with Paul Levitz, David Hajdu, Craig Yoe, Sharon Packer and Danny Fingeroth at a talk celebrating Wertham’s 118th birthday on March 20th.

Info below:

“Surely you’re joking, Dr. Wertham!”
WEDS MARCH 20, 2013
7:00-9:00 PM
 The Soho Gallery for Digital Art
138 Sullivan Street (between Houston and Prince)
New York, NY 10014
Sign up in advance: $10
Pay at the door: $15
For info and to register:
In 1954, psychiatrist FREDRIC WERTHAM’s  book “Seduction of the Innocent” was published, enshrining the famed psychiatrist’s attacks on comics and their publishers. While Wertham’s motives were more complex than many gave him credit for, his efforts decimated the comics industry and, some say, stunted the medium’s development. As seen in a February 19th NEW YORK TIMES article (http://nyti.ms/VvHBJX) based on research into Wertham’s archives by PROFESSOR CAROL L. TILLEY, Wertham’s own notes show he claimed far more data than he had and distorted that which he did have.
On March 20th at 7pm, CAROL L. TILLEY will be joining a distinguished panel of comic book professionals including PAUL LEVITZ, DAVID HAJDU, CRAIG YOE, SHARON PACKER, and DANNY FINGEROTH at THE SOHO GALLERY FOR DIGIAL art to discuss her findings, as they dig in to how Wertham changed the comic book industry and what it might have been like without him.
Besides the panel, the evening will consist of a screening of rarely seen videos of Wertham, readings from Seduction, and displays of pages fromthe comics Wertham found most objectionable.  There will  be a Q & A and a signing session with the panelists. Copies of their books will be available for purchase.
More details at: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/321249
At this panel, on the occasion of Wertham’s 118th birthday, PAUL LEVITZ (Legion of Super-Heroes), DAVID HAJDU (The Ten Cent Plague),CRAIG YOE (Zombies), SHARON PACKER (Superheroes and Superegos) and DANNY FINGEROTH (The Stan Lee Universe) will discuss Wertham’s legacy close to 60 years since the publication of his controversial work.  Fingeroth will also serve as moderator.



  1. Not defending Wertham, but why are comics journalists and bloggers still so wrapped around the axle about a man who has been dead for over 30 years? Are there not enough Democrat representatives out there trying to censor videogames with the same dubious message about violence that we could be rallying against?

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