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To Do: 11/12 Seattle: REBEL VISIONS


Via Flog (which has a spiffy new look, BTW):

All comix fans will want to see “REBEL VISIONS: The Underground Comix Revolution” opening this Saturday, January 12 from 11:30 to 8:00 PM at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery in Seattle. This colorful art show will complement R. Crumb’s Underground exhibition opening January 26 at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle.

Organized by comix historian, author and archivist Patrick Rosenkranz, in association with Fantagraphics resident curator Larry Reid, “REBEL VISIONS” features original artwork, artifacts and relix from masters of the underground era. Highlights include a previously unseen original drawing by Rick Griffin, recently discovered by L. A. collector Greg Escalante; rarely viewed original art by feral genius S. Clay Wilson; and locally created original artwork by the legendary Greg Irons, who followed his underground work with a prolific career as a tattoo artist working at the storied Seattle Tattoo Emporium prior to his untimely death in 1984.

A wide selection of comix, graphic novels, and histories of this wildly creative period in American illustration, cartooning and graphic art from Fantagraphics Books others will be available. We also have new offerings by popular Fantagraphics artists including Jason, Ellen Forney, Dan DeCarlo, and others — as well as a limited supply of the coveted BEASTS!, recently unearthed in our cavernous warehouse.

More info in link.

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