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To do 10/1: Highwater Books Art Show


Right Thing The Wrong Way:

Included will be various works by the core artists involved in the development of Highwater Books (Brian Ralph, Megan Kelso, Ron Rege, Jordan Crane, Greg Cook, Jef Czekaj, Marc Bell, Kurt Wolfgang), some of the work will be new some will be originals pages from their published work. Though not all of these artists were published by Highwater, they all worked with/for the company in one way or another and since a large of part of Highwater was its status as a kind of comics “gang” it is important that the people that appear in the show were integral in that. Along with the original work there will be an installation that exhibits the ephemera/history of the company to give the art and artists context as well as a catalog that will give an oral history of the company.

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