The world of classic anime and manga is rich with iconic series that have left an indelible mark on pop culture, and among them stands the legendary UFO Robot Grendizer. This series, which captured the imagination of audiences first in 1970s Japan and later in France, becoming an institution of its own that continues to resonate with fans old and new. It’s no surprise that the announcement of Titan Comics releasing the French UFO Robot Grendizer comic in English is stirring another level of excitement within the comics and anime community.

UFO Robot Grendizer by Japanese manga legend Gō Nagai follows the story of Duke Fleed, the prince of Planet Fleed, who escapes to Earth after his world is decimated by the evil forces of King Vega. Duke Fleed, under the alias Daisuke Umon on Earth, fights back against the invaders using the powerful robot Grendizer, which merges with his Spacer (Spaizer) to combat the monstrous Saucer Beasts sent by Vega. Check out the five variant covers below.


The upcoming English release by Titan Comics is not just a 1:1 translation from French to English; it’s a continuation of Duke Fleed’s saga, set after the war between Vega and Grendizer. The narrative promises to delve deeper into the aftermath of the conflict and the new challenges that arise. With a creative team comprising writer Xavier Dorison and artists Denis Bajram, Brice Cossu, Alexis Sentenac, and Yoann Guillo, this series is poised to be a vibrant homage to the original while charting new territory in Grendizer lore. Titan Comics describes the mini-series:



The war between the forces of Vega and Grendizer is but a distant memory. But from the confines of space, the RUIN DIVISION emerges with the most powerful Saucer Beast: THE HYDRAGON.

Under siege, pilot DUKE FLEED has no choice but join the fight and reawaken the MIGHTY ROBOT GRENDIZER or risk the world he once fought so hard to protect.

The first issue of this four-part mini-series is described as an oversized 56-page edition, offering fans more to immerse themselves in. The subsequent issues will maintain the momentum with approximately 30 pages each, ensuring a consistent and engaging narrative flow. The covers, crafted by artists such as Derrick Chew and Takeshi Miyazawa, promise to be as dynamic and captivating as the story within.


For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Grendizer is not just a tale of mecha battles; it’s a story of resilience, friendship, and the fight for justice. Duke Fleed’s journey from a refugee to Earth’s defender embodies themes that are still relevant today, making Grendizer a timeless piece of storytelling.

The anticipation for Titan Comics’ UFO Robot Grendizer is a testament to the lasting appeal of the series. As fans eagerly await the September release of the first issue, this release is not just a nod to nostalgia; it’s a celebration of the enduring spirit of Grendizer and its impact on fandom.