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This year's Halloween costume report


So what was everyone dressing as on Halloween? Based on our trip to the Village Halloween Parade, there were a lot of pirates and superheroes — many Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl costumes, so good on that, John Romita, Jr.. The movie version of Silk Spectre keeps the Watchmen alive. A lot of Superman and Wonder Womans. We did not personally witness any Scott Pilgrim costumes that were not worn by comics folks, but Edgar Wright has a Posterous gallery, above.

A few more taken from Twitter:

Jann Jones as Amethyst.

Rob Liefeld, wife Joy and family as…Han Solo, Leia and family.

Paul Smith as a Graham Ingels-style pirate. (Via Scott McCloud)

Normally dressed Vertigo’s Pornsak Pichetshote and Mark Doyle flank an intern as Gus from Sweet Tooth — via Jeff Lemire.

Archaia’s Mel Caylo as the best Oddjob ever.

Artist Cameron Stewart continues his Halloween tradition of dressing as a serial killer by going as Frank Booth from Blue Velvet.

Finally, in the celebrity corner, Heidi Klum and Seal went as…freaks.

  1. Yup… I called the Hit Girl costume meme back in April. Strong teenage girl who …ahem… kicks ass. A cool costume which covers the entire body (important in NYC).

    That said, I also saw a few Supergirl and Wonder Woman costumes on kids trick-or-treating Sunday afternoon.

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