As we go into the weekend, there are all kinds of digital comics sales going on.  A few of them are still going on from when we told you about them last weekend, but here are the new selections:

  • Today only (in theory) there’s a Stars Wars sale for May the Fourth.  Yes, I know this comes as a surprise to you.  It’s on Comixology and Amazon has a May the Fourth page, too.  What to get?  It doesn’t get much better than the Gillen/Larroca Darth Vader.  That said, if you haven’t tried Doctor Aphra, a Vader spin-off book, it’s a ton of fun.  Think a *cough* ethically challenged *cough* Indiana Jones seeking Force relics in the Star Wars universe and she’s accompanied by murder droids.  The collected editions of the character-specific mini’s like Princess Leia are dirt cheap at $1.99 a pop, too.

  • There’s a big Green Lantern sale running until Monday on Comixology and as a featured sale on Amazon.  Your gold standard modern era Green Lantern is the first Geoff Johns run that starts with the Green Lantern: Rebirth mini-series, has No Fear start the regular series and runs through Blackest Night.  The peak of this run is probably Sinestro Corps War.

  • Comixology is running a Hulk sale, which isn’t on Amazon.  The two big Hulk runs available here are the Greg Pak and Peter David runs.  Both were big deals when they were running and Marvel’s been trying to get that buzz level back ever since.
  • Only running on Comixology, Dynamite has a pretty wide ranging Red Sonja sale that starts with the Roy Thomas/Frank Thorne originals and brings us to the present, including Gail Simone/Walter Geovani run that had a bit of buzz around it.
  • Comixology has a big Moebius sale, which includes The Incal sequence for $2.99 a pop.
  • Boom! Box has most of their line on sales at Comixology.  Yes, that would include Giant Days and Lumberjanes.
  • There’s an Evan Dorkin sale at Comixology.  There are those who’d push you towards Beasts of Burden, but Milk & Cheese is the wise acre Dorkin we all grew up on.  Dairy products gone bad.

And while this one one of the sales from last weekend, since it’s the #1 comic on Amazon and the movie seems to be doing alright, we’ll remind you that Infinity Gauntlet is available for $3.99 in digital.


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