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This weekend: Kids Comic Con


The annual event, focused on children’s graphic book material and organized by Alex Simmons, comes to the Bronx tomorrow:

The KIDS COMIC CON 2009 is set for April 25th at Bronx Community College (181st Street & University Avenue, Bronx, NY 10453). And yep, even though the economy is struggling like Superman surrounded by Kryptonite, the KIDS COMIC CON 2009 is still FREE for children 17 and under (and hey, Mom and Dad, its just $5 for you — making the KIDS COMIC CON one of the best entertainment values around).

The guest/exhibitor roster, which includes Archie Comics, Ponent Mon, Fillmore creator Scott Gimple and many more, can be found here. Take the whole family!

  1. Yay! And it’s right next to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans! (I can never remember which bust opens the secret entrance to the Gotham Guardians Guardhouse. It’s vacant now, shut down when NYU sold the campus and the City didn’t want to support or condone vigilantes. Great location, overlooking the Harlem river and Inwood, near the Major Deegan and trains, centrally located (four miles to Rikers and Laguardia).)

    It’s a great show! Concessions are a weak point (I had to search nearby buildings for vending machines), but a fantastic selection of comics!

  2. And another year, we miss out on this con, I live what can be called down the street from this con, but they have yet to answer my e-mails. So I’ll won’t be there this year. Sigh, Maybe next year we’ll display at this con. and we have made it a point to make sure we have a few kid friendly books. We’ll be at wizard world Philly.


  3. Wilson – why not just drop on by the con tomorrow and ask to speak to the con organizer, Alex Simmons about next year? It’s probably just an accidental oversight. He’ll welcome anyone who publishes or sells comics expressly aimed at kids or general audiences. Give it a shot.

  4. Hey Paul, I would but since I didn’t hear back from them I took a coloring gig that’s now going to keep me swamp the rest of the weekend. I’ll have a friend talk to him and get more info so I can do it next year. But thanks for the suggestion.

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