Accounted by some as the third biggest comics/pop culture show in North America and definitely the biggest one in Canada, Fan Expo Canada 2009 kicks off today in Toronto, with a full service slate of celebs, comics folk, and horror and SF peeps. Marvel and DC are exhibiting, along with several other companies, including BOOM!, Avatar, Aspen, Udon, and Mirage. There’s a huge guests list which you can see here, like JMS, Ivan Reis, Len Wein, Darwyn Cooke, Bill Sienkiewicz, and many many more.

The Toronto Sun previews the show here with an emphasis on media guests.


  1. I have posted hundreds of pictures from the show to facebook. It gets longer every year. It gets more expensive for the celebrities aka media stars every year. It gets harder to find what you want every year. The line ups get longer every year. All I really know is my back need two days recovery after the show every year for the last 15 years.