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Things we’re sick of


§ Name calling. Seriously, if you don’t like what someone is doing on a comic book you should feel free to make your feelings known, but calling the editor of the book an ass or telling the writer to suck your Dockers is cretinous behavior. As mentioned before, it is now grounds for banning.

§ Uninformed speculation. Granted it is an interesting time in the comics industry, and a lot is happening. However, wild guesses and baseless speculation is a waste of time and prevents accurate information from getting out there. And trust me, none of us know what is going on behind closed doors at any comics company.

§ General shittiness. Behind every rumor is a real person. Let’s all try to remember that.

  1. I’m guessing this is about the DC stuff?

    FWIW, I was amazed at how well-behaved webcomics people (including myself!) have been in the aftermath of DJ’s falling out with Platinum. If you’d asked me two years ago how I would have responded to those events — or how the webcomics world generally would have responded to those events — I would have predicted massive mockery and schadenfreude all around. It’s been heartening to see that NOT happen.

    So I’m just saying: don’t get too disgusted with the comics types on the internet. There is progress here and there.

  2. >> suck your Dockers >>

    Do people seriosuly use that phrase these days?
    If not, I’ve found a new expression/exclaimation/interjection.

  3. Lea: maybe just exhausted from this drama. It’s hard to celebrate any comics creator — or any person, period — getting such a raw deal. Even DJ. Even if he asked for it. I know! I never thought I’d say that myself.

  4. Actually, the Comic Book Bin has advertised its no gossip, no personal policy for years, but once again, people look over what we do and assume someone else took the high ground first… When it’s not Newsarama ripping off our stories and having some junior writer write a “panel” based on something we did first, it’s bloggers saying others have taken a stand on something we did years ago.

    Oh well, the plight of the small underdogs…

  5. People love that anonymity. I’ve long since learned to not be such a douche on the internet, and not act as if its the place where I can anonymously crap all over people.

    I also learned that it’s easy to let people get the best of you, but there’s no telling how many of them are losers in life or 12 year old boys who just learned a lot of 4-letter words and choice racial epithets.

    A comedian, Jim Norton, HATES anonymity on the internet, especially when it comes to criticism. He feels that people tool on personalities who put their whole lives out there, but those anonymous critics have nothing sacrificed in return.

    I don’t totally agree with his views on anonymity being bad, but I do agree with most of what I’ve heard him say.

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