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Things people did this weekend in Scotland and Canada


There were a couple of local comics show this weekend. Joe Gordon at the Forbidden Planet blog went to Hi-Ex, which was seemingly held in Narnia during the White Queen’s reign…no no, it was actually held in Inverness, Scotland, where every photo comes out like a postcard! For real, the pictures at this blog make this locale look like a magical winter wonderland. And of course since it was in Scotland, everyone ate haggis and tossed cabers and said “Och, Laddie!” while taking about the Loch Ness monster all the time, right? Here’s John Higgins in between mouthfuls of haggis and black pudding.

Meanwhile Grendel33, aka “Ty” went to the 2nd Annual Toronto ComicCon and gives a very thorough report. Here’s Francis Manapul and Agnes Grabowska. How does Francis Manapul always get his hair to do that manga thing? He’s good!

  1. Toronto’s comicon has looked cool from the beginning, at least the afterparties. It is something I wish to attend before I die. :)

  2. On behalf of those that work with or know “Ty”, we want to personally thank you for putting his name in quotations…. All day he has been going around the office saying, “Hi my name is Ty (with the finger thingy representing the quotation marks).” LOL!!!

  3. Done.

    Thanks for the link Heidi. Just to clarify though, the show was the 2nd Annual Super Bowl Sunday show. I’m pretty sure that there have been other Winter shows Toronto Comicon/Hobbystar has put on. And having attended a post-Fan Expo party, I can attest to “teh awesomeness”.

    And, yes quite sadly I will admit, I am forcing my co-workers to address me as (air quote) Ty (air quote). I like the look :-)

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