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The Wizarding World of Lucy Knisley


Lucy Knisley is working on a series of posters covering the world of Harry Potter.

If you like that you might check out her Heartbroken in Hogwarts! Kickstarter project as well!

  1. Lemme get this straight: People on Kickstarter are donating funds so two cartoonists can go on vacation in Orlando — and then they’ll do a comic about it? And they’re just $183 short of their goal with 88 days to go?

    I need to get on Kickstarter.

    All kidding aside, are a lot of cartoonists taking advantage of Kickstarter? Seems like a valid way to fund your cartooning.

  2. I want a bunch of people on the internet to fund my friend’s New Years Eve trip to Vegas so I can draw a comic about what I thought he did out there. You won’t get anything out of it except the knowledge that you helped pay for a trip that my friend could easily afford on his own, but you can buy my comic about it (that you also funded, but still have to purchase) at the next con you see me at!

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