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The wit and wisdom of Mike Richardson


ICV2 sits down with Dark Horse big wampum Mike Richardson for the annual gabfest. The always voluble Richardson is without question the very first publisher we ever heard volunteer to call periodicals “pamphlets” … and maybe this is why:

As for other types of graphic novels, those seem to be experiencing stronger sales, and maybe it’s the bookstores that have realized that this is a growing area of sales for them as a category. We’ve heard a lot of encouraging news, for instance the discussion of the addition of children’s graphic novel sections, and certain titles that the bookstores are very eager to receive. A lot of it is media based. They like familiar titles. They like titles where they feel there is less risk; certainly Star Wars and Buffy have been big successes for us.

As far as pamphlets–especially with what I see happening with the economy– as much as we all love them, the traditional comic book is going to be going to harder and harder to sell, and harder and harder to make work. And as I’ve said many times, that particular format is a product of a time that doesn’t exist anymore. They started out as cheap reprints of newspaper strips and now they’ve become relatively expensive packages for the marketplace.

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  1. Wow. He’s no dope, that’s for sure. That comment about pamphlets and the economy makes me want to check out the rest of the interview, darn it!

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