Well, the second full day of Comic-Con is coming to an end, and there’s been lots of amazing stuff announced!  I’ve diligently sat deep in Stately Beat Manor, watching the news feeds, so you don’t have to!  Read on!

First, what good is swag, if you can’t tote it around the convention center?  Once again, Warner Brothers has the OFFICIAL convention bag, offering ten different designs (plus a variant!).  Like last year’s designs, these bags have a poster tube, and, in a revolutionary design, can be worn as backpacks!  Or, like last year, can be worn as clothing!  There are also four hotel key cards, including a design for Smallville.  All bags contain the design shown to the left, which was designed by Warner Brothers Television creative services department in partnership with CCI.

Ever wonder who runs the concession stands at the convention center?  Neither did we.  But PR Newswire ran a press release from Centerplate, which also runs the food service at the Javits Center in New York.  (Discovered Thursday morning, before the news feed was firing on all cylinders.)

Want free drink and swag, as well as an opportunity to lie back and relax?  Donate a pint of blood at the Heinlein Memorial Blood Drive, now in it’s 35th year!  (Thanks, Jackie, for starting this way back when!  Let’s hope the line rivals Hall H!)

One More Way “Twilight” Is Ruining Comic-Con Dept.: “Twilight” Stars Surprise Fans with Breakfast at Comic Con

Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Boo Boo Stewart (a real actor, not Kristen’s wacky alter ego), and Julia Jones visited “Camp Breaking Dawn” – the nickname the fans gave their impromptu commune outside the San Diego Convention Center – armed with apples, bananas, muffins, and water. The cast members answered questions and posed for photos with the groggy but elated crowd.

Very classy, and a brilliant public relations campaign.  The media machine had not yet started coverage of Comic-Con, and the Twilight panel was the first of the day on the first day of Comic-Con.  With nothing else to cover that early in the morning, Summit gains lots of coverage for a small promotional price.  And the fans?  They’ll remember this forever.

Press Release Award for Best Double Entendres Dept.: Comic-Con 2011: THQ Sexes Up San Diego with Penthouse Pets

THQ and developer Volition have hired Penthouse Pets Heather Vandeven, Justine Joli, Heidi Baron, Shay Laren, Ryan Keely, and Nikki Benz to promote the new Saints Row: The Third video game at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. The girls will comprise the new Saints Row Quality Assurance Team, dedicated wholly to complete customer satisfaction. The Saints Row Quality Assurance team promises to ensure a satisfying Saints Row experience whether playing alone or with a friend. And gamers can meet these sexy ladies one-on-one at the THQ booth throughout the convention.

Too safe for work?  There’s always Axel Braun and his award-winning porn parodies.  The slide show (safe for work) shows production stills from Star Wars, Spider-Man, and Batman.  Xander Corvus actually looks like a decent Peter Parker.

Or perhaps your interests lie elsewhere.  San Diego Gay & Lesbian News posts a schedule of panels of interest to the LGBT community and their friends.

Or perhaps you run with a different crowd.  Comic-Con has something for everyone!

Remember That “New Stores Initiative”? Dept.: Marvel announces the beginning of a day-and-date program for new titles.  Series will be added month to month, starting in August with the Ultimates line.  Titles will be added either at the beginning of a new storyline or #1.

Schandenfreude Dept.: Jim Macquarrie serves Geoff Beckett of Shocker Toys with court papers during a panel.

“She’s’ been around, but she’s young and clean” Dept.: The rock band Kiss will guest star in a four-part story with Archie and company.

KISS arrives in Riverdale this November in the pages of ARCHIE #627, which kicks off the four-part “ARCHIE MEETS KISS” storyline, written by Archie’s own Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing, Alex Segura, and featuring art by Archie superstar Dan Parent. When one of Sabrina’s spells goes awry and a cabal of monsters invade the town, the Archie gang and KISS join forces to try and save the day. Full of adventure, humor and – of course – rock, the story is certain to appeal to fans of the band and the Riverdale gang.

No word if any blood will be mixed into the ink.  Will one of the monsters be called “Wicked Lester”?  Is there is a secret message reading the comic backwards?  Those are snakeskin boots “Arch” is wearing, not fishnets. (And if this is too much for your weak constitution, try these.)

And while we wait for the Replacements to appear in Riverdale (or Alice Cooper golfing with Hiram Lodge), Archie will be auditioning for Simon Cowell and X Factor, hoping to gain national exposure.  Of course, Jennifer Lopez gets wind of this, and brings in Josie and the Pussycats to perform on American Idol!  Can Archie’s new relationship with Val survive the competition?  MTV has the preview, and there’s one quibble… J.Lo never auditioned on American Idol.  But if that’s what’s needed for conflict, it’s easily glossed over.  And for those who crush on geek girls, Veronica’s cousin Marcy makes an appearance!

That’s Not All Folks Dept.: Warner Brothers officially announced “The Looney Tunes Platinum Collection” on blu-ray DVD.  There will be two different editions, one regular, one filled with all sorts of extras.  Cartoon Brew has news and comments (and is an amazing site for discussion and critique of all sorts of animation!)  And if this wasn’t enough, Warner Brothers has stated that the “Censored Eleven” will have a wide release, not an Archives edition!

Hmm… “Trichobezoar” Sounds More Exotic Than “Hairball” Dept.: Fans wondered what would happen to Vertigo when the “New 52” titles hit the stands in September.  Well, Vertigo has announced upcoming books, as well as new comics!  The most interesting, yet under-reported (probably because it was announced last October), is The Annotated Sandman.  Greyscale art will be offset with annotations in the margins.  Myself, I’d rather see an online wiki version, complete with dictionary, encyclopedia, and all sorts of extras.

Is The Onion Covering Comic-Con? Dept.: Capcom and Sanrio have announced a partnership that will result in “Hello Kitty X Street Fighter” merchandise next year.

“His computer’s off. Luke, you switched off your targeting computer. What’s wrong?” Dept.: Garmin GPS Releases Star Wars Navigation Features

And here’s some more exclusive swag, courtesy of Hasbro.  Sold out?  Check HasbroToyShop.com next week.