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THE SPIRIT premieres in Madrid


Last night, there was apparently a premiere of THE SPIRIT at a “benefit cocktail” in Madrid. We’re not sure what a “benefit cocktail” is, but many cocktails have great benefits, so we guess it makes sense. While we’re waiting for the reviews, here’s a photo of actresses Sandra Ibarra, Paz Vega, Scarlett Johansson, and Eva Mendes and director Frank Miller.

(Photo by Denis
Doyle/Getty Images)

  1. Taking a close look at the fashion photos (dirty job, I know… yes, yes, I’ll go blind…) it seems the benefit was for Fundacion Sandra Ibarra, a cancer charity in Spain.

    And don’t you just love that stylish pose of Mr. Miller? It reminds one of a convention photo of a fanboy posed next to a celebrity.

  2. I’m sorry, thought this was the Beat. I think I hit the Newsarama button by mistake.

    I, for one, am incredibly jealous of Frank Miller. He brought on a pool of talent that will surely garner interest, box office smash or not. It may not be the next Dark Knight, but I doubt it’ll be Hancock either. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks.

  3. Peter – “It may not be the next Dark Knight.”

    That’s the damn problem, it’s not “The Dark Knight,” but Miller is treating the source material as if it were with a giant ham fist.

  4. That look wouldn’t be so bad if he would just get a goddamn jacket that would actually fit. He always looks like he’s wearing his father’s clothes.

  5. Nah, I haven’t seen the movie. But I saw numerous trailers and posters, Coat. If Miller screwed up the tone of what I’ve already seen, what makes you think the rest of the film will be so different? Going “Dark Knight” or “Sin City” on the light-hearted noir of “The Spirit” is like Spidey without his sense of humor. It’s all wrong.

  6. Maybe they’re figuring this will be the best publicity The Spirit will get, so, get some early, before the movie reviews!

  7. I’m sorry for this but…… If I was out with those 4 beauties, I’d make a better effort with my appearance. I can’t be the only guy thinknig that!

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