Artist Stuart Immonen (Star Wars) is joining Spider-author Dan Slott (Avengers: The Initiative) as the regular artist on Amazing Spider-Man starting with the mega-sized issue #25, which clocks in at 40-pages! broke the news and reported that classic Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn is also returning to the series.

Editor Nick Lowe heaped praise on the incoming Amazing Spider-Man artist at

Stuart is one of my absolute favorite collaborators. He and I have been working off and on together since 2003, when he came over to do Ultimate Fantastic Four with Warren Ellis. That’s when we met and he is, for my money, the best working artist in comics. I think he can draw absolutely anything. He’s a chameleon. His stuff is exciting. It feels like a blockbuster movie unfolding in front of you. He’s such a pro. He’s an editor’s dream. I almost never have notes for him because he’s such an intelligent artist and his stuff excites me and I get super pumped up anytime something comes in.

Spider-Man is currently in the middle of a huge crossover in Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy. Marvel recently announced a special one-shot: The Clone Conspiracy: Omega which will feature the first work from Immonen on the Amazing Spider-Man series before issue #25.

Marvel supporting player Mockingbird was featured in the first art that broke from the series. The character recently made waves in her first-ever short-lived solo series by novelist Chelsea Cain and artist Kate Niemczyk.

Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy is nothing new for Spider-Man, who has been fighting off clones for decades since the original 1975 epic told by Gerry Conway (Carnage) and Ross Andru (Defenders)! Fans of the ’90s Clone Saga storyline were treated to a huge surprise in the most recent issue of Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy as a long-dead hero returned to the Marvel Universe!


  1. Just seen the price of ASM #25…$9.99…!!!!! I dont care for all the filler stuff, so im thinking this is where i jump off.
    Any one else getting annoyed at marvel price hikes???

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