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The secret history of comics


Ken Quattro uncovers the transcript of testimony in the 1939 lawsuit DC vs Victor Fox. The suit involved DC suing the other publisher for a Superman knock-off which has been produced by the Eisner/Iger shop and then 22/year/old Eisner was called on to testify, an event covered in both the Andelman/Eisner biography and THE DREAMER.

Then out of nowhere, I recently received an email from a person who had read my online article, “Rare Eisner: Making of a Genius”, telling me he had obtained a copy of the transcript and asking if I’d like to see it.

I could hardly type my affirmative reply fast enough.

In short order, my benefactor (who has requested anonymity) sent me a PDF file of transcript. For the next couple of hours I poured over the contents–and was stunned. It was like sitting in the courtroom listening to history. In my opinion, this transcript is one of the most important documents related to comic book history to ever come to light.

The transcript is not what you might have expected.

Quattro promises more testimony from Jerry Siegel, Max Gaines, Sheldon Mayer, and Jerry Iger. For comics historians, it’s a damned treasure trove.

  1. Something about this seems off to me. Why does the source of the court transcript need to be anonymous? How was he/she able to find something people have been searching for for years? I think people are accepting this too readily.

  2. Perhaps the person who found the transcript just wanted to be annoymous for personal reasons.

    The facts here are public record.

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