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The Red Star for PS2 finally appears


We’re not quite sure if this is news or not. You may recall that when Acclaim went under, they eft a few games in nearly finished stage, including one based on Christian Gossett’s THE RED STAR. Now it appears that it is coming out from Take-Two:

Based on the same-tilted graphic novels, which serve as a retelling of Russian history in a science fiction and fantasy world, The Red Star video game was originally intended to release on a number of consoles when the project suddenly fell off the map, due to the bankruptcy of the original Acclaim. However, it seems the project has not been entirely forgotten, and the part beat-‘em-up, part shooter has finally found a home on the PlayStation 2 courtesy of Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two. At this time, the press release (which we’ve included below, as always) only specifically states a European release – set for April 6th – but we can’t imagine a North American release of The Red Star would be too far behind. However, we will continue to follow this story


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