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The official Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is here


And as predicted, the official teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has dropped via Zack Snyder‘s twitter feed:


What do you think? Sound off below, and have a great weekend!


  1. That was cool. Hopefully a little more restrained than Superman was. I’m glad we’ve moved past origin stories too.

  2. I don’t know. I’m hoping future trailers will give us a better idea, but right now this looks like they’ve taken everything I was unhappy with in “Man of Steel” and turned it up to eleven.

    I guess we’ll see.

  3. This is pretty much what I would expect a sullen 17-year-old to produce using game-development software over the course of 3 months of weekends spent in his room with the blinds closed.

  4. This looks pretty embarrassing. I was expecting the Internet to revolt against how ridiculous it looks, but it seems that most people think it looks super-awesome.

  5. I’m a big fan of the Man of Steel movie. When the teaser leak hit and all the Internet hate poured in… I thought it was going to be horrible. After I watched the trailer however, I was blown away! I didn’t understand what the intense hate was about, but I’m excited! I’m gonna watch the IMAX trailer on Monday!

  6. For the record, I’m rather into it, if for nothing else because it looks to be taking a different tonal approach from Marvel altogether (also given that it’s Zack Snyder, we’ll have some GREAT Batman action scenes for probably the first time ever).

  7. I like the Dissolve’s take on the trailer:

    “In quintessential Zack Snyder fashion, the trailer is dark and dour, with a not-so-subtle sense of nihilism percolating beneath every angry image. There’s so much brooding, so much anger, so much CGI here. One almost wonders if Snyder had some traumatic experience with superheroes as a child, since he repeatedly expunges the heroism from his superheroes, leaving viewers with disconsolate, often violent shells inhabiting a cruel world, which is usually rendered in expensive CGI.”

    I’m sick to death of “dark and gritty,” but these shots look great — as they should, given a budget of about $300M. These shots are so dark, it looks like Clint Eastwood is an uncredited co-director.


  8. I thought this “honest trailer” nailed MAN OF STEEL, including the blatant product placement.

    “God forbid anyone should have fun at a Superman movie! … Has DC made the reboot for you, psycho!”

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