ComiPress translates a Japanese article called The Reason I Quit as a Manga Editor:

wondered if I should ask him to redraw the manga, since that kind of work couldn’t be published in my magazine at the time. However, the act of denying an artist’s preference and going against his personality might make him think that I don’t want his manga. No, the action wouldn’t be my objecting his career and way of thinking; it only meant that his story should agree with the readers of the magazine.

If I had communicated with my colleagues better, I could have persuaded them to run the manga anyway with the artist adding a few touches to it. If I remember correctly, at the time, I showed our department’s most reliable senior the rough draft, and he concluded that it wasn’t fit for the magazine. I agreed with him and withdrew, partly due to his opinion, and partly because I was then a newcomer.

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