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The Nib is offering a calendar of Obscure Holidays


We’ve talked a lot about the awesomeness of The Nib, the comics section of long-form content site Medium. Editors Matt Bors and Eleri Mai Harris have made it a showcase for thought provoking comics featuring  cartoonists.

Well, they’re spinning off the site into their first merch: The Nib’s 2015 Calendar of Obscure Holidays—they’re taking pre orders for it now.

Well now there is. If at least 250 people come together support our Tilt campaign, The Nib’s Calendar of Obscure Holidays will be coming to life. Each month will feature a completely obscure holiday you know nothing about illustrated by Erika Moen, Rich Stevens, Zach Weinersmith, Gemma Correll, Matt Bors, Jen Sorensen, Brian McFadden, Eleri Harris, Andy Warner, Matt Lubchansky, Liza Donnelly, and Scott Bateman.

Each page will be packed with the dates of obscure holidays, little-known anniversaries, c-list historical events, and bizarre awareness weeks — no practical dates of use whatsoever — all illustrated by the Nib’s editorial team.


The Calendar is $22…can you afford not to know when National Accordion Awareness Month takes place? We think not.


  1. Thanks Heidi. And you’re right, Chris. Loss of readers is what results from sub-par content, but I’m sure that’s not what Heidi or her advertisers want.

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